Sunday, January 3, 2010

Introducing Tyler Joseph....

Tyler Joseph entered this world at 4:11pm on Friday December 18th, 2009. He weighed 8 lbs 7.7 oz and measured 21.5 inches long. The birth was not exactly as planned. I went into the hospital on Thursday night for cervidal and the pitocin was started Friday morning. My cervix was dilating as it should, however, Tyler's head would not engage. He was head down but he would not engage and he lifted his head to the right. At about 2:45 the Doctor came in to check me and discuss options. Tyler had moved his head over more. The doctor told me my options were to keep moving towards a natural delivery, but her concerns were the contractions could cause my water to break and the umbilical cord could fall and become compressed instead of his head engaging which would require an emergency c-section. My other option was to have a c-section. My concern with that is the potential complications and that I can never be induced again, although I can opt for a c-section. John and I discussed it and decided to do the c-section because I did not want to take any chances that something could go wrong and I did not to be rushed into an emergency c-section later on.
I have to say having a c-section takes away some of the stress of delivery. I knew when I went into the operating room that Tyler was still alive and would be in my arms within 30 minutes. The spinal was awesome! I did not feel a thing. Tyler was taken out of my belly and started screaming! He was placed in the heated crib where I could see him and the pediatrician checked him out and came right to me to say he looked great! After he was checked out, John was able to hold him and bring him over to me. I was so happy to see my son and know he was alive and healthy!
The following are pictures of my Ty guy. Isn't he gorgeous?! I love him to pieces and have such a hard time not holding him and snuggling him 24/7.

At the hospital

Sleepy man

First Christmas

Christmas Eve

First visit to see Addison


  1. he IS gorgeous. i know you are beside yourself with joy. i am so sorry addison is not there to share in it.

    i just started following your blog and i left a comment way back, on the post called "ignorant comments." i dont know if you get alerted when someone comments, but i wanted you to know it was there. i read your whole blog though. your birth story and the autopsy results were particularly heartwrenching. im glad you have your bit of a happy ending now with your sweet, beautiful tyler. it's a little surreal to read the story as it unfolds from death, to birth, to birth again. with a lot of fear in the middle. because that's where i am now... the middle. and it's certainly very fearful.

  2. Congrats on your beautiful baby boy. Im so happy he is home and healthy.

  3. Oh my- he is such a doll! I am so happy for you and that the delivery, however it ended up, was a non issue in the end. You have been so brave during this pregnancy and I admire that a lot about you. I may need more reassurance.

    BTW, I have chosen a c-section for the reason you mention above- the less stress in the birthing process, the better!

    Best wishes for 2010.