Friday, August 28, 2009

Catch Up

A lot has happened since my last post. First, I was in a car accident that totaled my vehicle. I was on my way to work on August 3rd (yes it would have to happen on the third of the month) and some idiot "did not see me" and hit me going an est. 35 mph. I was stopped and he pushed me into the vehicle in front of me. I of course freaked out because of the baby. The last thing I can handle is losing another child. I called 911 in hysterics and of course the cops, EMT's and firefighters came. They took me out on a back board because of the impact they were worried about my back and neck. At that point I could have cared less about me, I just needed to know my baby was okay. When I got to the ER the nurse was very obviously clueless about using a fetal doppler and she could not get a heartbeat, she was looking for about 5 minutes and finally I told her to stop because all she was doing was freaking me out more. I told her I wanted my OB practice called and I wanted an ultrasound. During this stressful moment my husband showed up, my sister went into the hall to tell him what was going on and to tell him to not stress because I am already stressed out. He came in and behaved very well for being so scared. The ER doctor was a jerk and he came in and said "I am 99.9999999999999999% sure that the baby is fine, you can call your OB later and they may want to get you in for an ultrasound." I said no I want to see them now. He called them and they told him to discharge me from the ER and send me to the Childbirth Center and they would do an ultrasound right then. I knew they would and for the ER doctor to be like that really irritated me! John had a really hard time going to the CBC because they put us in the same room we were in when we found out about Addison and he could not bear to think about it happening again. Thankfully, Tyler was moving around as soon as they put the ultrasound wand on my belly. His heart looked good and there was no sign of trauma to him at all. We were very relieved about that! It wasn't until the next day that I felt the neck and back pain that I had. I will take all the neck and back pain in the world as long as my baby is okay. John and I keep saying that Addison was looking out for us and that is why Tyler is okay. I thank her everyday for being our Guardian Angel.


I had my Fetal Echo last week and everything looked really good. Tyler was moving like crazy. He kept punching and kicking me:) The tech was trying to get a picture of his fingers, but he wanted to keep his hand in a fist, it was really cute:) The only thing they say on the echo was that when Tyler pees some of his urine goes back into his kidneys, it is a very common boy problem and they are not very concerned. I will be going back for another echo at 32-34 weeks to re-check that and to re-check the heart since Addison's problems happened late in the pregnancy. I got some very good pictures so I will try to post them later today or this weekend.


I had a regular ultrasound 2 days ago at my OB practice, I am not sure why I think they were just jealous that the big hospital in my area had seen me twice for ultrasounds and they hadn't:) Tyler kept covering his face with his hands so they could not get a good face or profile shot. The shots they could get looks like he is laughing at us:)! He also covered his ear with his hand, I think he was sick of listening to us. At the end of the ultrasound he yawned twice, it was so cute!! It was his way of saying I'm done now, it is time for my nap. They got a picture of him yawning so I will try to post that as well.


As you can see it has been an eventful August. I can only hope September goes smoother. It will be a crazy month though because my classes start, I am taking 3 online classes this semester so I can get my A.S. degree in May and I am still working full time. I am beginning to think I am crazy:) At least it should keep me from stressing about the pregnancy, I will be to busy to do that!


Thanks to Addison keeping us safe during the accident I am having more faith in this pregnancy and am bonding more with Tyler. I talk and read to him and wiggle my belly to say hello to him. Of course he then retaliates by kicking and punching me for hours, but I'll take it. I am so lucky to have 2 such great babies. Even though I can't hold Addison in my arms I know she is with me every minute of every day. I think she has been giving Tyler pointers to because he has some of the same mannerisms that she had. A co-worker actually told me that Tyler is lucky to have his own special Angel looking out for him and I think she's right, he is lucky and it makes him and Addison even more special.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's a.......


My son, Tyler Joseph, was not at all shy to show the world his manhood:). He was on his stomach the whole time and would not show us his face, but his penis was a different story. My husband, of course, was very proud of himself. He strutted out of the hospital, it was very cute! For myself, I am happy that we are having a boy, but I was also sad because it means we have to redo Addison's room and put away all her girl stuff. People keep saying we don't have to change her room, but I think we do. It's purple with flowers and butterflies, not exactly a room for a boy. I have started sorting through Addi's things to see what Tyler can use and it is not a lot. I did not realize how many things we had that said Princess on them:). Oh well, like mother like daughter:).
We have ordered Tyler's bedding set and a matching blanket and lamp (the theme is Giraffes). I told John I was not ready to put Addi's bedding away. We have plenty of time and Tyler will be sleeping in our room for awhile and not using the crib right away. The hardest part might be painting the room over. I will always think of that room as Addi's, so it will be hard to turn it into Tyler's.
I think a part of me is glad we are having a boy and not a girl because it makes this pregnancy that much different. I still wish I could go back and that Addi would be here. I wonder how she would feel knowing she is going to have a baby brother.
My little cousin, he is 10, went with John and I to the ultrasound and he kept saying all these sweet things. He said that Addi would sleep with Tyler some nights and that Addi is his angel and will watch out over him. He even drew a picture that had Chico, Suzy, Tyler, John, myself and him and his brother and sister in it. In the sky there was a cloud that had an angel next to it. He said it was Addison watching over us. He makes me cry because he is so sweet and always includes Addison. He made his parents bring him to Addison's funeral because he wanted to say goodbye and he wanted to be with me because he knew it would be very hard for me. Not many young boys would be as sensitive as he is.
I keep waiting to believe that this pregnancy will turn out different from my last one, maybe having my cousin tell me that Tyler has his Angel Addison looking out for him will let me start to believe.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

19 weeks 1 day update

I am obviously proving that I am not a good blog writer. I don't update very often, but I do come up with posts in my head while I lay in bed, I just never post them:)

Everything is going well with this pregnancy. We have had our level 2 ultrasound and are scheduled for a fetal echo and another follow up ultrasound at the end of August. We did find out what we are having and I will post the picture later.

I have not been dealing well with this pregnancy the last few weeks, I have made 2 appointments to just hear the heartbeat. The doctors are being great though and told me I can see them every week if it makes me feel better. As nice as that would be I really want to try and deal with this pregnancy as close to normally as I can. I am currently going every 3 weeks and after my September appointment I am going to change that to every 2 weeks. The problems with Addison did not happen at the beginning, they happened at the end, and that is when I think my stress level will be through the roof. I know that the doctors are going to do everything they can to have me deliver a happy, healthy baby, but no matter how much we all want it to that does not always happen. As you can see I am not feeling as positive about this pregnancy as I would like to. I really try to and I am seeing a new therapist who is helping me focus on the positives and on the things that are different in this pregnancy. I really miss being the naive pregnant women that I was with Addison. I assumed everything would be fine and that I would have a healthy baby girl. I did not know about all the bad things that can happen, now I do and I wish I didn't.

I don't deal very well when I find out that a friend wants to get pregnant. I almost start lecturing them on what they need to do so they can have the best possible chance to have a healthy baby. I tell them to get on prenatal vitamins right away, to let their doctor know and I tell them what foods are okay to eat and what aren't. I'm never going to just be able to smile and say "that's great!" and then let it go. I don't want what happened to me and my other baby lost mama's to happen to them.

I will try and be good and post the picture of what we are having later this weekend. If I forget feel free to email me and yell at me until I do it.