Saturday, December 12, 2009

6 days to go!

In 6 days I should be holding my little man in my arms! I am being induced on Friday December 18th. I really can't wait. I go in Thursday night at 6 pm to get cervidal and then first thing Friday they start the pitocin. Of course this is dependent on whether or not Tyler gets in the right position. Right now he is transverse. He is refusing to get into the birthing position! I blame John and I, when I first got pregnant we called him Nemo and told him to just keep swimming. Apparently, this is the only thing he wants to do. He moves all over the place, he doesn't really kick that much because he is to busy doing flips:) During ultrasounds they have a hard time doing measurements or getting a good reading on the umbilical cord because he is always moving. I think its great because it is reassuring to me that he is doing well, I just wish he would get in the proper position so I can do a natural birth. I have an ultrasound Tuesday and if he hasn't moved then the doctors will have to decide if they are going to do a version or a c-section. Due to the fact that I have gestational diabetes there are risks to both options. With a version they could get him in the right position and he could move again because of the fluid level. With a c-section there could be risks for me as far as infection and things like that. As long as Tyler comes out alive and healthy I am willing to take any risks necessary!
The next time I post I will be holding my little man in my arms!

Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Can't wait to hear how you are doing. Hoping for only happiness for you in 2010.